Log users out of all currently active sessions

I understand from this post that there is no way to log out a specific user from all current sessions. I also understand the feature might be on the roadmap.

Do you have an update on this?

I must say I do not understand why such a basic feature is not already implemented. Maybe I miss something and it is not really useful?

I am disappointed not to be able to have this feature in my app. Maybe there is some other way I don’t know to allow this flow?

Hi there @Mic, welcome to the Community!

Sadly I don’t have any news on this front. However if you can visit Auth0.com/feedback and share with us your use case and feature desire, it helps us better prioritize new prospective additions! Each submission is read by our product team and really set the tone for what comes in the future.

You could leverage a short lived token lifetime to quickly eliminate multiple drawn out sessions from users but it doesn’t exactly take care of the feature you are seeking. Thanks!

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