Log out error: "id_token_hint"


Our application was working properly until this morning. We’re currently allowing sign ups through Email/Password, Google, SIWE and a custom connection. They all work properly to log in and create users but on attempting to log out a new error surfaced this morning which is the following: “invalid_request: Invalid id_token_hint”.

No changes were made to the tenant or environment variables which host the application, tried rotating keys but no luck. Any knowledge on what could be causing this issue?

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Hi @0x113f,

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Our engineering team has identified an issue with the /oidc/logout endpoint and completed a rollback, and logouts should now be working again. If you happen to see a 404 error on logout, this would indicate that the SDK you are using is caching the discovery document in memory and you would then need to restart your server for the change to take effect. We apologize for the disruption this issue has caused you and your users. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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We were affected by this issue as well. Is there a status page that we can check for these kinds of issues? I visited https://status.auth0.com/ both yesterday and today but there were no incident reports. Where should we look other than digging through community pages to know that we need to restart our servers?

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