Log into 2 apps in 1 tenant with different profiles


I have 2 React apps in 1 tenant, using @auth0/auth0-react . App A uses user/password to login, App B uses Google-OAuth-2. Both apps use the same auth0 audience & auth0 domain (and different clientIDs)

My workflow is:

  • open 1st tab and log into App A
  • open 2nd tab and log into App B
  • open 3rd tab with App A again

The problem here is that I have to do the login process in App A again in the 3rd tab. In the 1st tab, I’m still logged in, but I’ll have to redo the login process if I refresh.

How can I decouple both login processes, so that I can only log once in each app without having them interfering with each other?