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Lock's facebook login button violates Facebook policy


Today I received a Facebook developer alert stating that the Facebook login button does not comply with Facebook platform policies. After some conversation, Facebook tells me that the button found on Auth0 login page (with is the default login page using Lock) isn’t compliant with Facebook Platform Policies. I am asked to change the button to the one found at their doc:

Although I managed to finish modifying the style of Facebook login button (with dirty CSS overrides), I think this issue will impact all Auth0 applications as long as they use the default login theme (Lock). Maybe we should modify Lock’s Facebook button style to the one that complies to Facebook’s policy?

My modification is now under Facebook’s review. I will update the post with my button design if Facebook says that my modification is acceptable.


This is the design Lock currently used. Facebook staff sent me this screenshot and say that this button is not compliant with their policy.


We are facing the same issue. I hope auth0 provides an update with compliant buttons.


Problem is already fixed and will be part of lock version 11.14.2. More info on the fix can be found here:

Make sure the lock version on the universal login page is 11.14.

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Thanks a lot @stijnbe for sharing it with the rest of the community!

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