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lock.checkSession() doesn't return profile nickname




I am not sure why checkSession() refuse to return any profile nickname. My code looks like this:

lock.checkSession({scope: ‘openid email nickname picture’}, function(err, authResult) {
if (authResult && authResult.accessToken && authResult.idToken) {

However, the authResult.profile is missing nickname even when the scope is defined correctly…

(Note: I have obfuscated specific numbers with “XXXX” to prevent any hacking…

I can see following returned in the authResult.profile

{sub: “auth0|XXXXXX”, email: “testuser1@XXXXX”, email_verified: false}

The full payload from idToken looks like:

“email”: “testuser1@XXXX”,
“email_verified”: false,
“iss”: “XXXXXX”,
“sub”: “XXXXXX”,
“aud”: “XXXXX”,
“iat”: 1538151354,
“exp”: 1538187354,
“at_hash”: “XXXXXXX”,
“nonce”: “XXXXXX”

I am using ver 11.9.1 lock library


Hey there @rajesh_mahajan! The checkSession requires a session and sessions require a cookie so first can you check to make sure you have third party cookies enabled? If you do, can you please send me the HAR in DM when you get a chance?

One more question, how are you authenticating your users? Are you using a social connection like google? Thanks in advance!


I wanted to follow up with you @rajesh_mahajan and see if you were still having the issue with checkSession? Thanks!