Lock and OIDC Conformant clients

I’m not a technology nerd so, I probably haven’t understand all the documentation. I apologize in that case.
I try to register my users with login/password. I get the following error message:

Password login is disabled for clients using externally hosted login pages with oidc_conformant flag set.

I understand that some day in the future, the legacy authorization flow is going to disappear, so as I’m new user of Auth0, I checked OIDC Conformant in my dashboard.
What can I do to allow the database registration of users using OIDC Conformant flow in that context?

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The recommended approach for OIDC conformant clients is to use the Auth0 hosted login page to handle sign up/login for your applications. This allows you to start an authentication session in Auth0, allowing for Single Sign On between your applications.

If you don’t want to use the Auth0 hosted login page, you can still use the Resource Owner Password endpoint, which can make use of username/password login. This would require you to use a custom login screen (not Lock), or Auth0.js. See: Auth0.js v9 Reference

Has anyone seen this error in the Auth0 logs when a user is trying to log in from the Auth0 Cordova app and the browser has cookies disabled?