Local users for automated UI tests

I am using Cypress to test my CPA in my CI/CD pipeline. For each test to avoide collisions I create new unique test user which performs some actions on the app and then left abandoned. Because I create many users, tests take much time to communicate with Auth0 servers and all these users counted against my quota.

Is there a way to create test users locally?

Hey there!

Unfortunately I don’t have any experience with Cypress but maybe our general practices on testing as well as the blog article on testing with Cypress will help:

Testing with Cypress

Auth0 Testing in General

Thanks Konrad,

Actually my question is not specifically about Cypress and not Testing in General. It is about mocking Auth0 for tests.

In your last link there is paragraph

Use a browser bot (such as Selenium) to play the role of a user, log in and retrieve a JWT. While this approach may take some effort to develop and maintain, it will allow you to test any redirection rules or MFA prompts that you have configured.

Could you please clarify how can I “log in and retrieve a JWT” locally (without contacting Auth0 server)?

Konrad? can you help?