Legacy Applications and Company Merge

Hi Guys,

We’ve recently been acquired by another company and both sides us Auth0. We both have disparate user bases and authentication pipelines that are stored in (and use) DBConnections in databases that we have in two locations (not social, LDAP etc).

What we want to do as a short-term project is SSO between the two applications, so users that login to the first application can be automatically signed into the second application. Both applications can exist on the same TLD to the user so app1.domain.com and app2.domain.com so can share access to the cookie.

What is the easiest way to do this? can i share the client key/application to another to make this happen? Should we choose a single client then create the second application with the same DBConnection?And if we do is the any documentation for this process?

Thanks alot in advance!


Hey there @NewZeroRiot and good afternoon!

To get a good bearing on the situation that you are building from, can you direct message me the two tenants that are proposed to connect with one another? From there we can start planning a path forward. Thanks in advance!

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