Leading ' character in users-exports CSV results

Hello, I’m currently calling /api/v2/jobs/users-exports in order to generate a CSV of user emails, names, logins, and other attributes. The API call is working as intended however the CSV result i’m downloading seems to be appending a ’ to every entry. I’ve included an example below

Is this expected behavior? None of these fields should have this leading character so i’m not sure where it’s coming from.

Hi @drew.umlang , this is expected behavior for the CSV results as part of an update made by Auth0. See more details in the Auth0 changelog here - Bulk User Exports: Updated User-Export CSV data format

The Bulk User Export will now escape string data types in the CSV export file. This is in conformance with OWASP standards for CSV injection mitigation. To ensure the content is read as text:

  • Double quote characters are prepended with a double quote character.
  • Each string is prepended with a single quote character.
  • Each string is wrapped in double quotes.

This does not apply to dates in ISO 8601 format.

Check out our technical documentation to learn more about bulk user exports.

Thank you for the link and clarification!

thank you @gparascandolo for helping with this topic! :+1:

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