LDAP linux connector: Error: unable to get local issuer certificate

Hi! I’ve installed the LDAP connector for linux (a small nodejs program). I get this error:
![image showing error unable to get local issuer certificate][1]
Any ideas? There is no proxy server, and the machine can access https urls outside of the network just fine using curl and wget. Thanks!

Based on the logs and looking at the connector source code what will happen following the Load settings from ticket... entry is a GET request to https://[your_account].auth0.com/.... The path will be specific to your AD connection, but for the purpose of this error it does not really matter.

The error seems to indicate that you might be behind a corporate proxy and Node is not configured to trust the certificates used by that proxy. Using other tools although helpful to rule out some situation, might not help here because this may be specific to Node. If you really want to nail down the scope of the issue you can make a simple Node script that only does an HTTPS request to an endpoint associated with the Auth0 tenant in question; this should be a more close reproduction of what the AD connector is doing.