Last_login Not Updated on User Profile although Tenant Logs Show User Logged in Recently

Problem statement

When opening a user profile, the last_login shows a value from a few months ago, but when clicking on the History tab on the user profile, there are recent login activities. Why do these not show in the last_login?


There are several reasons why recent log-in activity may not show in last_login.

  1. If there is an active session when users open the application (which calls https**:**//{your_domain}/authorize?client_id=xxx&response_type=code&scope=openid+profile+email&redirect_uri=xxx from the backend), in the logs, it will have a record of the Success Login and followed by the Silent Auth, and this will not prompt users to enter email and password. In this case, the last_login field will NOT be updated.

  1. If the user clicks logout and then goes to the application and enters the email and password or clicks login as SAML button, there will only be Success Login in the log (without Silent Auth logs), and the last_login field will be updated.

  2. This can also be impacted by the log-in settings. For example, under Tenant SettingsAdvanced“Inactivity timeout” is set to 100 days, and “Require login after” is set to 365 days. With this configuration, the user session can stay as long as a year, allowing the user to have an active session for several months.