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Kubernetes Tutorial - Step by Step Introduction to Basic Concepts

Learn about basic Kubernetes concepts in this step-by-step tutorial. How to build and deploy a sample application to a real DigitalOcean cluster.

Brought to you by @bruno.krebs :man_technologist:t5:

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Kubernetes is quite cool, isn’t it? Are you planning to use ti to deploy microservices? Let’s chat!


Updated paths for resources:
kubectl apply -f
kubectl apply -f

Great tutorial - very easy to follow. Thanks!

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Very nice hands-on tutorial! Thank you!

For newbies like me who doesn’t have any other kubernetes service or apps in your digitalocean account yet, you may also want to remove the Load Balancer created by going to:

Managing -> Networking -> Load Balancers -> (the newly created load balancer)

It might help you save a bit more on your free credit.

Thank you! That worked.

Thank you. Simple explanations and instructions.
One problem I found - last part getting the load balancer IP doesn’t work anymore.
If we take a look at the json output with:
kubectl get svc -n ingress-nginx ingress-nginx -o json
We will see empty object where the IP was supposed to be:

        "loadBalancer": {}

Hey there, @alexbezhan. I tested the article and everything worked just fine. I’m wondering, perhaps you missed a step? Or you executed this too fast?