Kotlin Multiplatform Support?

Any plan to support Kotlin Multiplatform?

Hey there @archie welcome to the community!

It’s definitely been discussed internally, but I’m unaware of any official plans as of right now :confused: - If you’re interested, it would be a great candidate for a feedback request. I’d be curious to see if any other users are interested, I know I am!


Hope there could be some statement out for this. Seeing that you also support hybrid approaches it would be great to have KMM support as well. Also feel like it should atleast be doable to provide as you already have both the Android and iOS provided. Looking forward for some new on this.


We definitely have interest here for that. In fact, as a spike to determine viability of KMM, we’re creating shared code to wrap both Android and iOS libs and implementation. Definitely keeping an eye on this.


Hey @here I’ve bumped to this be a feedback request - If you can both add a vote that would be great! :rocket:


It seems to me obvious that one can take the native android sample, and the native iOS sample, and use both of them inside a kotlin multiplatform project. That is because KMM has full support for native development in the original platform.

However, it would help if we can have a sample directly ready to download. Thank you in advance if you can do that.


Thank you for sharing additional context on that and advocating for it!

Just wonder if there’s any movement on this?

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A few months ago Jetbrains released Compose Multiplatform (Flutter alternative) based on Kotlin Multiplatform. This tool is here to stay, and there is a every day growing number of apps (android/iOS/web/desktop) made with it.