Key is of invalid type

I am setting up security middleware in a GoLang API and seem to have everything set up correctly, but I am getting an error ‘key is of invalid type’.

I have confirmed that my Signing algorithm is RS256 and the middleware options are configured @ SigningMethod: jwt.SigningMethodRS256

I have a valid token…everything else in the middleware passes.

The entry point to this error in the middleware is the jwt.ParseRSAPrivateKeyFromPEM method.

I’ve isolated the error down inside the package Verify() on line :62 is the ErrInvalidKeyType that is getting thrown. All the params up to the this point seem solid and appropriate (eg m|signingString|signature|key) but this key.(*rsa.PublicKey) is failing…in my debugger (GoLand) I inspect *rsa and am given the response ‘could not find symbol value for rsa’…

if rsaKey, ok = key.(*rsa.PublicKey); !ok {
    return ErrInvalidKeyType

please note…if it’s not already too obvious…i’m noob to GoLang

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Hi @btschirhart,

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You have confirmed that the signing algorithm in the dashboard is set correctly?