JWT with changing data

Hi folks,

I have a JWT that is used as an asset identifier. The asset has static characteristics which may or may not be needed as a claim on the certificate. I also have variable information to the asset which need to be communicated with the asset.

Examples would be:

  • How much fuel is in the fuel tank?
  • How much fuel was used yesterday?
  • What is the assets current location?
  • Who is the declared holder of the certificate?

So, I want to use the JWT to define the asset but also provide the ability to communicate secondary data.

I also want to be able to check back to base to find out if any of the variable data has changed and reset my variable data to that latest information set.

Are there any standard discussion this type of usage?

To my mind it is like an envelope that contains: the certificate, the variable data and some form of a checksum confirming the currency and “well formed”-ness of the envelope contents.

Thank you,

Warwick Foster
Melbourne Australia