JWT via Lock / Custom authorizer

Hi there!
I Need a little help with the proper understanding of the application.
Basically, when I have a simple express application + auth0/lock and I do authentication via google or facebook, I receive access_token and token_id.

The same situation when I use lock via on mobile ios application.

Now. I created a rule where I want to add a new specific value to the access token/id token.
Question 1: Why after login when I testing this tokens, there is no any data in tokens :(?

Question 2: I have a custom authorizer that is used for authorizing lambdas on aws via auth0. Why access_token token received in custom authorizer don’t have any specific user data? and why I can’t use this token to access to any application endpoint (/userinfo)? (in this case, I can do that by using token from the 1st question). - this token is soo much longer than token from my local/express app - what is the difference ?

Hey there!

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