JWT payload customization

Hello, I’m quite new and I need help. I am using Symfony 3.4 and Lexik JWT to authenticate via JWToken. My problem is that I need in the payload a “username”, but i get from the auth0 token “nickname” and I seem to not be able to find the default configuration of the auth0 JWTs where I can add or remove stuff. I have tried to add “username” to the metadata but I still get the same error “Unable to find key username in the token payload”. I have tried playing with creating custom scopes, but with no success getting them to work. So how can I just add a “username” in the payload, but not in a sub directory as the claims in the metadata

Hi @marioki,

I apologize in the delayed response. I would like to reopen the topic for discussion if you have not already found a solution.

Unfortunately I don’t think adding that specific claim is going to be possible. Take a look at the oidc conformant user profile and the auth0 user profile:

I think the best way to do this is with a custom claim. Please see the documentation below:

I hope this helps,

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