Jwt.io website CSS change Request

I use this site almost Daily and I love it. However there is one thing that drives me crazy, and if you don’t ask, you’ll have to live with it forever… (unless lots of other people hate it too)
It’s the field where the Payload is displayed. That entire column needs to be able to expand so that long claims in the jwt payload can be displayed on a single line. When I expand the web browser on my wide hi res monitor this column doesn’t get any wider and that drives me batty !
As a developer I know there’s probably CSS designed for all types of displays, but Im betting that as more people/developers are using wider displays today, some other people would like this field to be expandable too. Easy CSS update for this column, let it grow!!!

Thanks for sharing that feedback! I’ll make sure to relay it to appropriate team!

Thanks for the feedback @david_caldwell!

We’re planning to refresh the jwt.io site soon. I’ll take this feedback to our design team so we can keep this in mind while working on the refresh.

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Thanks for the follow-up Sam!