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JWT expiration fixed at 3600 sec (one hour)


Hi, I used this sample project to configure auth0.js V9 on my Vue.JS SPA application. The authentication process with the new Hosted Login Page works fine. I am using the following configuration

export const AUTH_CONFIG = {
  domain: '',
  callbackUrl: 'http://localhost:8080/loginCallback',

I then go and configure the client on the dashboard. I explicitly set JWT Expiration (seconds) to one month (~2600000 seconds) which is what I want. The problem is that, no matter what I configure, the token received by auth0.js seems to have a fixed expiration date of 3600 seconds (one hour). I have also tested with 36000 seconds (10 hours), but expiration is still 1 hour.

This was not occurring to me with the old Auth0Lock V10 library which I used for other projects.

Can you please explain me (like I am five please) how to configure auth0.js V9 and/or the client configuration to get a token that don’t expires in one hour?