Json-webtoken Add ability to sign using managed keys?

I opened this issue on github: Request to Contribute: Signing using Managed Keys · Issue #928 · auth0/node-jsonwebtoken · GitHub

I’m hoping to extend this library to be able to use managed keys in cloud service providers. Azure, AWS and google cloud compute all provide APIs to sign data without exposing the private key. It would be ideal to be able to use those APIs with this library which is currently not possible because the library expects to receive the private key.

What is the best way to engage with the team about contributing to this library? I’m happy to make the change to the library and contribute this code as long as folks are willing to have this change made and are supportive of that. Thanks!

Hi @tallowen,

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Github is usually the best way to engage with the owner of each repo, but in this case it looks like there’s already a significant backlog.

Great, thanks! In what timeframe can I expect engagement on the pull request?