Join us for an Identity Proofing Webinar!

Hi folks!

We are hosting a webinar for Identity Proofing. Please join us for an informative session on how to add this powerful tool to your stack.

Date: 14th June
Time: 9AM PT / 12PM ET / 5PM BST / 6PM CET
Landing page link: Auth0: Secure access for everyone. But not just anyone.

About this webinar

Identity proofing, the process of verifying a user’s identity, is a critical piece of the security infrastructure. Acting as an additional layer of authentication, identity proofing happens before a user is granted access to resources with high sensitivity, and is used to ensure a user’s claimed identity matches their actual identity.

Because of the complexity around identity proofing methods, many organizations have struggled to build and manage an in-house solution. By recruiting identity proofing experts via Auth0 Marketplace, we’re enabling our customers to implement no-code, identity proofing integrations into their applications without the heavy lift of custom code. These integrations are built through our Auth0 Actions extensibility toolset.

Join us, as some of our identity proofing partners, AuthID, Berbix, and ID Dataweb talk through the integrations they’ve launched in the Auth0 Marketplace.

Moderator: Antonio Fuentes, Principal Product Manager, Auth0

Featuring: Jeremiah Mason, Head of Product, AuthID; Eric Levine, Co-Founder, Berbix; Matt Cochran, VP - Product & Operations, ID Dataweb

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