Java-jwt 2 to 3 migration guide?

I need to migrate some legacy code (not written by me) from:

    compile group: 'com.auth0', name: 'java-jwt', version: '2.2.0'


    compile group: 'com.auth0', name: 'java-jwt', version: '4.3.0'

and am unsure about how to replace:




(assuming that that’s even the right class!).

I have basic knowledge of JWT conceptually, but not previous experience with this library or with the application that is using it.

I valuely see that JWTSigner.Options corresponds to Map<String,Object> claims but am unsure about the correspondence between:

return jwtSigner.sign(claims, options.getOptions());


return JWT.require(options.getAlgorithm().getAlgorithm()).build().verify(secret).getPayload()

Can anyone point me to any reading material / code samples etc. that makes it more obvious?

This is useful but not foolproof: