Java example issue

Once /logout is called, I expect the session.invalidate() to clear the session, and then next time when /portal/home is called, it should redirect to auth0 login form.

But, auth0 login form is shown ONLY ONCE upon calling /portal/home.
And for subsequent calls, without showing the auth0 login form, the user is logged in automatically showing the ‘home’ page.

This is a bug in the example code downloaded, from
Has anyone fixed it?


Hey there!

Thanks for raising an issue here. Would you mind providing a detailed feedback on that directly to our product team via our feedback site? Or I think it can be even more beneficial if you create an issue via GitHub so that repo maintainers can take a look at it.

Thank you!

Hey there @rafialhamd!

Have you had a chance to get in touch with repo owner through GitHub issue or do you want me to ping repo maintainer internally?