Java API Access Authenticated Principle Meta Data

I’m using the Java Spring Boot/Security API (GitHub - auth0/auth0-spring-security-api: Spring Security integration with Auth0 to secure your API with JWTs) within my REST API. This will be the back end service for my Vue.js front end which and will use Json Web Tokens as the authentication and authorization mechanism. I have followed the quick start guide and seems pretty straight forward.

The issue I have is that my application is multi tenant. I will hold the tenant identifier in the user’s app meata data and I need to access that in the back end service. My question is; how do I access the authenitcated principle via the auth0-spring-security-api package?

I can see the Principle object can be accessed in AuthenticationJsonWebToken#getPrinciple function. Can anyone show me how I get a handle on the AuthenticationJsonWebToken in my Controller? I assume I need to type cast something from the Spring Security package such as the Authenitcaiton instance?

Mnay thanks