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Issuer invalid with custom domain

I have used the ASP.NET Core tutorial to connect my ASP.NET Core app and request an access token for my API.

This works fine, until I try to use my custom domain. When I switch to it, I receive an Unauthorized response with the following header.

www-authenticate: Bearer error=“invalid_token”, error_description=“The issuer is invalid”

What do I need to do to make the API recognize the custom domain?

Have you also changed to the custom domain in your appsettings.json for your backend/API?

  "Auth0": {
    "Domain": "YOUR_DOMAIN",
    "ApiIdentifier": "YOUR_API_IDENTIFIER"


Thanks @mathiasconradt. Yes I had done that, which broke other things which made me think you weren’t supposed to do that (in fact, I thought I read that.)

What I did was added a “CustomDomain” option as well, and use that in both, and continue to use the standard domain anywhere else (management API for example) so this seems to be working now.

Oh wait, now I remember why I can’t do this… the Winforms library does not play nice with custom domains. So I can’t set the API domain to the custom domain.