Issue with unexpected byte at position 0: 0x1F on authentication

We had issues with authentication; we can not parse the payload auth0 sent to us.

2021-12-16T12:21:07.929-06:00	** (exit) an exception was raised:
2021-12-16T12:21:07.929-06:00	** (Jason.DecodeError) unexpected byte at position 0: 0x1F
2021-12-16T12:21:07.929-06:00	(jason 1.2.2) lib/jason.ex:78: Jason.decode!/2
2021-12-16T12:21:07.929-06:00	(oauth2 2.0.0) lib/oauth2/response.ex:35:
2021-12-16T12:21:07.929-06:00	(oauth2 2.0.0) lib/oauth2/request.ex:102: OAuth2.Request.process_body/4
2021-12-16T12:21:07.929-06:00	(ueberauth_auth0 2.0.0) lib/ueberauth/strategy/auth0.ex:178: Ueberauth.Strategy.Auth0.fetch_user/3

It looks like this is related to the user info endpoint.

Hey there!

Can you share more info how you obtained it, any code snippets etc?

Thanks for your response. It was related to the issue Elevated error rate in the “/userinfo” endpoint • Auth0 Status Page. After the incident was resolved, the authentication worked.

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Perfect! Glad to hear that!