Issue with Auth0 + nginx + vouch-proxy


has anyone successfully integrated Auth0 with nginx?
I am using vouch-proxy.
I managed to have nginx + vouch-proxy works well with Google.
When I use Auth0 instead, I am getting infinite redirects.

Hey there!

Unfortunately have no experience with nginx but in the meantime once someone with such knowledge will join the thread. Maybe some of those links will be helpful of any kind:

Thanks for the quick response.

I am trying to stick to nginx and not use nginx Plus.
think the question is more related to Auth0 + vouch-proxy than nginx itself.

I did the following experiment:

  • same nginx config
  • same vouch-proxy config
  • same Auth0 app
    but for connections, instead of SAML, I switched to username/password.
    Then things work.

So, it seems that OAuth over SAML is not handled well.

The related GitHub issue is here:

@sahuguet was able to get Auth0 + nginx + Vouch Proxy working properly

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Thanks a lot for sharing that with the rest of community @bnfinet!

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