isAuthenticated is null

I have seen this issue in variation. But nothing that I can see to apply to why my code isn’t working. I setup an Provider like this

xport default function App() {
  return (
        redirect_uri: `${window.location.origin}/admin/dashboard`
          <Route element={<Layout/>}>
            <Route path='/' index={true} element={<UploadForm/>} />
            <Route path='/login' element={<Login/>} />
            <Route path='/admin' element={<ProtectedRoute/>}>
              <Route path='/admin/dashboard' element={<AdminDashboard/>} />

and I have my protected route looking at isAuthenticated

const ProtectedRoute = () => {
    const { isAuthenticated } = useAuth0()
    return isAuthenticated ? <Outlet /> : <Navigate to='/login' />

I am trying to exclusively use google as a login. I have created credentials in Google for this app. It seems to successfully login but isAuthenticated is always null. I don’t see any type of return in the network tab in devtools(Chrome&Firefox). What am I doing wrong?

Hey there!

Can you share what SDK / quickstart / docs of ours have you been using in your implementation?

Sure thing,
@auth0/auth0-react:2.1.1 and

has been what I’ve referenced mostly. Along with some issues posts in GitHub.

Gotchya! Then I think the most effective way of handling that would be if you raise it in a form of GitHub issue here:

so we can work on that directly with the repo maintainers. Once you have a link to it you can share it here so we can ping them. Thank you!

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