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Is updated_at the same as last_login?



I am trying to add last_login and logins_count claims to idTokens for my application within a rule.

last_login is visible in the Identity Provider Attributes section on the “User Details” page and, according to documentation, should be accessible on the user object and its value should be the one associated with the login that triggered the rule (since rules execute after the actual login) (looking at

However, last_login does not exist on my user object or in the context object (as logins_count does).

Am I supposed to assume that last_login is the same as updated_at (and always will be)?


For reference, on my user, I have access to: ["_id", “email”, “email_verified”, “user_id”, “clientID”, “picture”, “nickname”, “identities”, “updated_at”, “created_at”, “last_password_reset”, “name”, “global_client_id”, “persistent”]

And on my context, I have access to: [“tenant”, “clientID”, “clientName”, “clientMetadata”, “connection”, “connectionStrategy”, “connectionID”, “connectionOptions”, “connectionMetadata”, “samlConfiguration”, “jwtConfiguration”, “protocol”, “stats” (includes logins_count), “sso”, “accessToken”, “idToken”, “sessionID”, “request”].


I’m having the same problem – last_login does not exist on the user object within a rule. Why not?