Is there no way to get a 6 month or at least 3 month Access Token?

I have an endpoint on my API that will be called by a third party (Revenue Cat) to notify me once all the grunt work has been done interacting with the various app stores. To secure it I should require a token but this token is manually entered into the RC console where my webhook address is specified.
So refresh tokens don’t do me any good because I still need to update their settings manually regardless. I think it makes sense for me to setup a service user and use the Resource Owner Password flow from the token endpoint to get my token. I have to manually change the API access token expiration to 30 days (then set it back). I will turn the grant for my Machine to Machine application off after I get the token so there wont be any potential ongoing security issue.
But it sure would be nice if I didn’t have to manually do this every 29 days for my PROD and my STAGING environments or my subscriptions stop working…

Hey @amalyc did you found a solution? I’m about to implement the web hook on revenuecat and I will have the problem you described.

Nope, at the present time I am planning on making sure I manually refresh this every month. must be a better way but don’t have the cycles right now to figure it out

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