Is there an alternative to /api/v2/jobs/verification-email for SPAs?

I’ve been trying to look at the accepted tokens and scopes for SPAs in Get Management API Access Tokens for Single-Page Applications, but I don’t see anything related to sending email verification. Is there a SPA alternative for resending email verification that I’ve missed?

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Unfortunately there is not an endpoint that can be accessed from a spa for sending verification emails.

You can programmatically send it from a rule, many customers chose to do this when making verification required.

See this post:

If you would like to make a button that sends it, that would have to be done via a proxy API.

If you would like to leave our product team feedback on the topic that can be done here.


Thank you and thank you for the anwser. :smiley:

I think I’m going to go for this rule solution Why is user w/ unverified email considered authenticated? · Issue #227 · auth0/auth0-spa-js · GitHub

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Thanks for the follow up!

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