Is there a way to verify with management API the Email Verification or Password Token

Is there a way to verify the password change or email verification token manually?

This would help us achieve a complete custom verification/password web page.
I know i can use the CreateTicketRequest() for both to retrieve the url with the token but i think it would be nice to be able to validate it from the managementAPI
Take password for example; we would need to pass the token code and the new password which would update it and return a successful result without using the auth0 UI

Since i feel this thread will drift into the Auth0 void , i come up with this solution.
We actually build a small TokenService with a table which allow us to generate token.
This allow the user when invited into the platform to enter a new password and verified the email at the same time from our complete custom hosted UI.

Note: I suppose we could have use the POST endpoint that auth0 use when resetting a password but this endpoint is not included in any API and we fear it can change anytime and break our reset password process.

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