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Is there a way to manually migrate a user?


I have a user in my custom DB, and I don’t use automatic imports to this connection. I would like to create a user using the user endpoint in the Management API, however I can’t because:

  • I only have the user’s hash and not their real password
  • The user “already exists” since it’s checking my DB before creating a user.

How can I get Auth0 to just port over that same user without automatic migrations?


:wave: @anonymous.coward we can import a single user using the endpoint!/Users/post_users , where the connection is the Auth0 database connection you are importing the user to, this does require a password during creation. Would setting a password that can be reset for the user work for you? We can also use Management API’s user import endpoint without specifying a password, and then after being imported the user can specify a new password by requesting a password reset to their email. Is this what you have tried already? Please let me know and we can try to explore further.