Is there a way to add demo user email to whitelist for passwordless?

I have an interesting issue when I try to publish our mobile application for the Apple Store. We have a problem to pass the application review because we have no static demo user with email and password.

Our mobile application uses passwordless where users can type an email and get the auth code to get access to the application. After this user can set his own PIN which is not stored in our database but is used only to unlock the screen and encrypt the access token which is stored in the mobile application.

Do you have any solution where I can add an email to whitelist for passwordless? I understand that this could work that when the user types email then you are not sending email to him. Instead of this, he can use static access code which allows him to get access token.

Please let me know if you had a similar issue and how you solved it.

Hi @sbidolach,

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The only recommendation I have seen here is to enable another connection for this process. You can make a db connection with a username and password during the approval process, then move back to passwordless once it is approved.

Hope this helps!


Thanks @dan.woda for your support. Finally, Apple accepted our form of authorization :slight_smile:


Glad to hear it worked for you! Thanks for following up.

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