Is there a way to add data to the extra info in the user profile?

I am working on an Android app that displays Fitbit data after a user logs in. Is there a way to add data like age and averageDailySteps to the extra info? My thinking is that I could then pull the data from the userProfile using userProfile.getExtraInfo()

Technically yes, for example, I just enabled the Fitbit social connection in my Dashboard and enabled the Activity checkbox. Having done this I performed a login through the try option in the dashboard and having completed the OAuth authentication and authorization flow the returned information that was then included in the Auth0 user profile included both age and averageDailySteps attributes.

Have in mind that you may then have to explicitly add this information as custom claims in the ID token (which would also mean they get surfaced in the user information endpoint) because they are not standard OIDC claims.

As an additional note, do consider that this information is returned as part of an authentication process happening against Fitbit so technically you would only get updated information when then end-user authenticates again with Fitbit. Or said in another way if next authentication attempts just leverage the authenticated session established at your Auth0 service then the information is not updated which may not be what you desire.