Is the Phone MFA Voice Enrollment Error Message "We couldn't make the voice call. Please try again later" Customizable


When a user attempts to enroll in Phone MFA with Voice, as opposed to SMS, and inputs an invalid number, the following error message is generated and shown in the widget:

We couldn’t make the voice call. Please try again later

This article clarifies whether this text is customizable for the Phone MFA Voice enrollment.

Applies To

  • New Universal Login
  • Prompts
  • Phone MFA Voice
  • Branding


When reviewing the available prompts for the enrollment screen in Auth0 documentation, there does not appear to be a relevant field to update.


At this time, this error message is non-configurable.

NOTE: This error message is also returned for two other prompts:

  • prompt: mfa-voice, screen: mfa-voice-challenge
  • prompt: phone-identifier_challenge, screen: phone-identifier-challenge

Updating either of these prompts will have no effect on the Phone MFA Voice enrollment screen.