Is Skipping redirect by providing connection parameter in React SDK secure?

Hello, Auth0 community!

I am using the react SDK @auth0/auth0-react to implement our social login with OAuth2. I’m passing the connection parameter in order to skip the redirect part. We think this is a better user experience, where the user has to click the login button once and that’s it.

The login function looks like this:

     redirectUri: "my-redirect-uri",
     connection: "google-oauth2",

My question is whether I’m introducing security issues by doing this? Most guides/blogs don’t include the connection parameters, and “embedded” login is not recommended in general, so I’m worried about going with this approach.

Thanks for the help.

Hi @farah,

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You are okay to pass the connection parameter. Is there something you are concerned about specifically? Embedded login is quite different from passing the connection param.

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I don’t have any particular concerns, I just didn’t understand the difference between the two and wanted to be on the safe side. I will read up more on it for now.

Thank you very much, really put me at ease.

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Thanks for following up, please let me know if you have any other questions.

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