Is it possible to wait for Auth0Client to be defined using the react libraries?

Hello! I am currently trying to integrate auth0 with a react-admin application and am running into a similar problem as described by this FAQ entry. its not taking nearly that long but I am getting a similar error that the auth0client is undefined despite having checked all the things listed in that FAQ. This seems to only happen the first time that react-admin tries to load a page where it makes an API call and if I wait a few seconds before going to the page (until i see the calls to the auth0 token in the network tab of inspect element) it is fine. My current suspicion is that I am attempting to make a call to getAccessTokenSilently() way too soon. Ideally i would like to have a promise that fulfills when the client is available so i can chain my API calls after it, but I don’t really see a way to wait for the client to exist before requesting a token since I am using the useAuth0() hook.

Is there something in either auth0-spa-js or auth0-react that would allow me to wait for the client to not be undefined before I try to make calls to get a token? Am I missing something about how these API’s work?

hmm ok, it seems like I might be mistaken here. further testing reveals that when I log in first, this doesn’t appear to be an issue