Is it possible to set roles on a particular group for a user

I’m starting to look a auth0 and Authorization extension.
My question is the same as in this ticket

But the answer is not what I expected.
As far as I understood, Authorization extension provides:
<Group - Roles> association

What I need is Roles to be associated to a user on a particular group. Not on the group itself.
Group : Business1
Group: Business2
Role: Admin
Role: Owner
User: User1
User: User2

User1 could be Admin on Business1, and Owner on Business2
User2 could be Owner on Business1

Is that possible ?

Thanks before

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Hello jroques! Welcome to our community.

We recommend using the Authorization Extension to only utilise “roles” and simply don’t assign “groups”.

We hope that solution works for you!

Best regards.

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thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately this won’t work for me.
Indeed, in need a <User, Group> - Roles binding, instead of a User-Roles or Group-Roles binding.


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Hello again,

We want understand more about your use-case:

Why do you want to use Groups? and why would you use them because the roles are assigned to the groups and not the users inside the groups?


Hi again,
Actually the group I’m talking about is not the same as auth0 Group.
What I called Group is more an organization.

For instance let’s say I have 2 roles, User and Admin (each are just a set of perms).

Now User1 can be User on Company1, and Admin on Campany2.
And User2 can be Admin on Company1.

With that use case you can see that auth0 Groups don’t fit. But I can’t see how auth0 can answer this use case…

Thanks before

Hi, any hint about my last message ?