Is it possible to hint the provider (database, social provider etc) before entering the login/signup flow?


I’d like to be able to push users through a signup flow that involves them pre-selecting their signup provider (database/google oauth/slack oauth etc.) outside of the hosted Auth0 universal login views.

For the database option - very doable. Collect the information to our backend, push that through the user api.

For the social providers, I can’t see a way to push the user direct to the appropriate providers’ authorisation views. We can only push to the signup view on the universal login page, where the user would then have to click their provider of choice again.

My first thought for how this should work was in the same way the screen_hint behaves, ie. passing screen_hint=signup when moving to the auth0 login, pushes them directly to the signup view.

What I’d imagined was a signup_hint={provider} or even screen_hint=signup:{provider} (ie. signup_hint=google-oauth2) which would achieve this, and when pushing them through the login check, if the appropriate provider was enabled, it would redirect them through to that provider’s auth flow.

Alternatively - if there were a way to directly build up the appropriate provider auth url that could work too (if horrid functionally). ie. on my backend I could build up the string that auth0 does:

Personally - I don’t really want to do this whole external provider select flow, but it’s a request from marketing, and is a fairly common enterprisey signup flow, ie. you can see it in the Atlassian signup flow:

This would only apply for the signup flow. If it’s absolutely not possible, that’s ok too, but I need to be 100% before we force the flow.


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Hi @joel.bradbury,

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If I understand correctly, you would like to direct a user to an external IdP (e.g. Google) and bypass the Auth0 login widget.

You should be able to pass a connection param with your request to /authorize and bypass the widget that way.

Documented here:

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Perfect. That’s exactly the flow I needed.

Sorry if I missed that in the docs.


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No problem! Glad we found an answer.

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