Is it possible to get a users discord roles and save them to the user?

I am trying to get a users discord roles in a given guild, and then be able to reference that as a claim in core. Im not sure where to even start with this I am pretty new to the platform and decided to purchase a developer subscription today to get a few of the other features I needed and thought maybe I would get access to additional resources that could help, and I didnt.

So if anyone knows how I could achieve the ability to save discord guild roles of a user to their user, and be able to reference that from core that would be great. The only post i could find that seemed to have any relevence is the one below, and I dont think im fully understanding what they are talking about.

Discord Roles - Accessing - Auth0 Community

Hi @DamienTehDemon

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Can you tell us more about how you would get these roles in general? Are they available via an API call?