Is it possible to do embedded passwordless signup with Auth0?

So I have been trying to do a custom styled passwordless sign up. I first tried to style the universal login (branding → universal login) by configuring a specific application to be passwordless (authentication → passwordless → SMS), but upon using it in our application, the flow was not passwordless but the default. However, when we use the custom html approach (branding → universal login → advanced options → login) and set the template to “Lock (passwordless)” we got the passwordless to work.

However, there doesn’t seem to be a way to style this the same way as the first approach. It’s limited to only a few options. (Lock Configuration Options)

We have also looked at using embedded login (Embedded Passwordless Authentication for SPAs).

Looked at both Lock v11 for web and Auth0.js v9 reference.

Lock v11 for web seems to be the same as the second approach in that it uses the same lock object but doesn’t allow for a lot of styling.

The Auth0.js v9 reference approach seems to give us more ability to style but after looking through the API documentation it doesn’t offer passwordless sign up (only password sign in).

Does anyone have any ideas on how to dev a custom styled passwordless sign up?