Is email strictly required for each user in auth0, or can users just sign in using a username?

Our business’ use case is such that we can’t rely on/assume that each of our users has an email address.

Given that, we’d like to utilize username and password authentication as our primary connection/login option. Is it possible to do this with auth0, or it’s strictly required that every user in the auth0 user store needs to have an email associated with them, and they are always able to login with that email address (instead of only a username)?

Hi @mlb92,

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Yes, it is possible to configure a username and password authentication for your Connection.

To do so, please enable the Requires Username toggle in your Connection settings:

(Reference: Adding Username for Database Connections)

Let me add that users can sign in with either a username or email address with their passwords. But during sign up, they must provide all three, the username, email address, and password.

I hope this helps!

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Thanks so much @rueben.tiow!

Today we have an existing user store, where only a portion of our users have email addresses stored with their user record and they login using a username and password.

How would you recommend migrating to auth0 such that those users can continue to sign in to our product using their same username and password, and we don’t have to require that they provide us with an email address? Or is that not possible with auth0?


Hi @mlb92,

Thank you for your response and clarification.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. The email property is required when importing users to Auth0.

I would recommend having these users sign up with an email address so that we can enforce the email verification process, forgot password, and other email related features for their account.


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