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Ionic 2 - Login success (according to logs) but isAuthenticated() is false (IOS 11.2)



I try to integrate Auth0 with my Ionic app, however i ran into problem that i can’t solve. According to the Auth0 log, it is a “success login”, however the isAuthenticated() is always false. I added console.log as below:

public login() {
        client.authorize(options, (err, authResult) => {
          if(err) {
            console.log("Auth - err: " + JSON.stringify(err));  
            throw err;

isAuthentication() is always false because of this error:

Auth - err:  {"original":{"line":80675,"column":22,"sourceURL":"http://x.x.x.x:8100/build/vendor.js","crossDomain":true,"method":"POST","url":"https://<tenant>"},"code":null,"description":null,"name":"Error"}

P.S - Work well in Android version

Could someone help me with this? Thank you.