Invited users do not have their names populated after they accept an invitation


I had a question around the create organization invitation call in the management API Auth0 Management API v2

We are using this call to invite users to our organizations and noticed that there is no way to supply the name of the user being invited using this call. The invitee property of the body only allows for email and I also tried adding the name as a top-level attribute with no luck.

The side effect to this is when users accept the invitation and sign up, their name is not populated in Auth0 and their email is used instead, this in turn affects the avatar that’s generated for them which creates a less than ideal experience for certain users.

I am considering looking into adding the name in the user_metadata object and using an Action to populate the name field but wanted to make sure that there is no other way as it seems like an unnecessary workaround.


Hi @youssef.elkhalili,

The scenario you described with the user’s email being used for their name does happen when the user signs up with an Organization through an invitation.

As you have found, using an Action to update the user’s name field is a valid approach. Currently, there isn’t a better way to update the user’s name dynamically.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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