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Invalidate sso cookies

Is there any way to prevent the sso cookies from being set? Or is there a way to delete them? I want my users to only have a single session. Therefore I delete all refresh tokens previously issued if the user logs into a new device. It works surprisingly well. However, the old devices still have the sso cookie set on my auth0 domain wich means that they are de facto still logged in (since they can request a refresh token).

Hey there @flle! If you have a newer tenant (year old or younger) you have SSO enabled by default, I can make a request to our team to see if they can disable it but I need your confirmation first to do so. From there I will need you to direct message me your tenant name that you would like to have the effect on. Thanks in advance!

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I just sent you an email @flle regarding this request. When you get a moment if you could please respond to the email I would be happy to proceed forward. Thank you.

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