Invalid state when i come back on a auth0 private route on a React application

Hello everybody,

I’ve followed this article exactly : to implement auth0 on a react application. When i refresh a page (F5) that’s correspond to a private route, here the message i have : “Unhandled Rejection (Error): Invalid state”.

If i refresh this type of url : http://localhost:3000/order-m, that’s works correctly but if i refresh this type of url : http://localhost:3000/order-m?code=C_sS_Vc-rRrQOE-R&state=c3dCc3RCN1N2NHJEeFdzYlA5bDdZSlZDQmM4VTNKZ1FOYTMub29VRGpVag%3D%3D, i get a bug.

Thank you very much.

Hey there!

Can you follow this FAQ and create a GitHub issue in the quickstart repo and then share the link to it here so we can work with the quickstart maintainer directly to fix that. Thanks!