'Invalid state' on mobile but not on Windows

My application is throwing this exception on mobile but not on other versions.

'Auth0\SDK\Exception\CoreException' with message 'Invalid state' in

The issue seems to be stemming from SessionStateHandler, more specifically validate. Running some validation on this code shows that self::STATE_NAME and $state are equal, but $valid is set to 1 on Desktop Firefox, however on mobile it is set to blank, causing the invalid state exception.

public function validate($state)
    $valid = $this->store->get(self::STATE_NAME) == $state;
    return $valid;

Desktop user agent: Firefox 71.0
Mobile user agent: Android 9 Firefox 68.0

Do you know why this would be happening? Thank you!

Hey there @s_spilker!

Welcome in our community! Can you raise the issue in the repo:

providing the same context as here so that repo maintainers can take a look at it and effectively troubleshoot that? Thank you! Make sure to share the link to the issue here so I can ping them!

Hey there!

Have you had a chance to open the GitHub issue in the meantime?

Hello, I have submitted the issue on GitHub.


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Perfect! I will let repo maintainers to look at it then!

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