Invalid Algorithm Error


so I am using the next.js-auth0 sdk and I want to use the RS256 algorithm to verify my api requests to my backend application.

I am using graphql.

I am taking the accessToken and sending it as header to the backend to verify the request. On the backend(api) everything works fine, I can get the user and his permissions but then on the frontend I receive a combined error consisiting of: Error: undefined and Error: invalid Algorithm.

I checked all my applications and API’s and they are all set to RS256. I am unsure what’s the problem since it seems to work fine for my api

Hey there @BjoernRave!

The most effective way to help you with your struggle would be to reach out to the SDK maintainers through GitHub issue? Would you mind creating one and sharing it here so I can ping them to have a look at it? Thanks a lot!

Hey, Konrad, thanks for wanting to help me, I just can’t seem to figure it out. I found a related issue on the repo and just put a comment under it, hope you can ping the maintainer as he doesn’t seem to be active (not responding to issues)

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Hey there yep sure! Tagging @sandrino-a0 here as well as pinging him in our internal chatting tool!

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Hey, I created an own issue, since it probably gets more attention than commenting on a closed issue:

Also still no response from @sandrino-a0

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Thank you @BjoernRave pinging him once again!

hey, there is still no response on my issue…

Terribly sorry for that experience. Believe me I let him know two times via our company Slack + pinged him here what you saw. I would reping him once again!

in the end I was able to fix it with the help of another user. The error was actually not directly related to auth0, but something else in my application threw an error.

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Glad to hear that! Can you share what was it?