Integromat - Auth 2.0 authorization expires after 1-2days

I need to make some API calls from within Integromat 3rd party.

I have successfully made an application (in auth0) for Integromat to be able to give auth0 2.0 access.
The problem is that, I do not why, but the access token gets expired after 1 day or so.

So for example I made an auth 2.0 connection in Integromat in one of my scenarios, all good - working. I can also make API calls through it, all good. But after ~1 day, I get 401 status. And if I just redo the auth 2.0 connection (so basically just make the same connection again, same client id, same secret, etc) all works - again for a certain time. I tried adding access_type - offline, but does not help.

Any ideas about how to fix this?

Thanks a lot,